nokia 5130 lcd light problem solution ways jumpers tracking.

in cellphone nokia 5130 if lcd display light is not working and light is not getting on then this cell phone diagram and post will help you to solve this light problem in nokia 5130 lcd display.
 look at the cell phone diagram and in it you can see some different colors lines and also some parts that are in line and in circled with different colors and box.these lines are showing and defining all lcd light tracks and values.
with these lines and diagram you can understand the way of voltage passing through components and parts so check all these jumpers and if any of them links is broken then make that jumper(s) with insulation wire so that the brake sircet can be re activated,
 one you check all these jumpers you can also replace these parts so that if can be solved if with only jumper this problem can not be solve keep in mind to service and clean all these parts if you found any rust or water damages on mother board of nokia 5130 cellphone.

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